How To Publish Lyrics On Spotify

How To Publish Lyrics On Spotify And Connect With Your Fans

Your lyrics are the heart and soul of your music and they are vital to developing a personal connection with your fans.

That’s why making your lyrics accessible to fans is so important, especially on platforms like Spotify.

But how to publish lyrics on Spotify and with which tools I can do that?

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know to publish your lyrics on Spotify.

Step 1: Upload your music to Spotify

It may seem obvious, but you can’t put your lyrics on Spotify if your recordings aren’t loaded.

To upload your tracks to Spotify you have to work with a digital distributor.

Digital distributors send your tracks to all major streaming providers; they are your bridge to SpotifyApple MusicTidal, Amazon Music, etc.

Step 2: Place your lyrics on a music cataloging platform

Your tracks are on Spotify and I hope you’re getting some income for your streams.

Now it’s time to connect even more with your fans by putting your lyrics on the platform.

To do this you need to register with a music cataloging service like Genius or Musixmatch.

How to put lyrics on Spotify with Genius?

For a long time, Genius has been the industry benchmark for uploading your texts to streaming platforms like Spotify.

It works as an incredible encyclopedia of texts for millions of artists, and the best part is that both you and your fans can annotate the texts to explain and give context to their meaning.

To enter your lyrics in the Genius catalog you need to register an account and then create each album with the lyrics of each song.

You will also need to link your Genius account with the one on Spotify for Artists. Once your lyrics are on Genius, it will take several days before they appear on Spotify.

When your lyrics are published, there will be a link on your Spotify lyrics page to the Genius page where your lyrics, notes, and stories behind the songs will be displayed.

Genius is a great option, but its main disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the ability to synchronize lyrics with your track and it doesn’t integrate directly with your music distributor.

How to put lyrics on Spotify with Musixmatch.

Musixmatch is a newer platform that offers some additional features that Genius doesn’t have; it is the industry leader for sharing texts with the public.

Its main feature is that it is integrated with music distribution providers, which makes it faster and easier to deliver lyrics to Spotify and other streaming platforms.

The other benefit is that you can sync your music lyrics so that they appear in the app as they are sung.

Musixmatch also generates a sticker that you can use in your Instagram stories that link to your lyrics page.

To enter your lyrics on Musixmatch you’ll need to create an account and check your profile.

Step 3: Get verification

Checking out Spotify is a good practice to make your Spotify artist page the best possible.

It will also facilitate verification of any catalog of music lyrics you choose to use as it will help your lyrics to be delivered faster.

To be verified on Musixmatch you will need to fill out a form on their website.

Genius also has a similar process. After creating your account, you will need to fill out a form and receive verification once it has been reviewed.

So, your lyrics are important to your fans. They want to know what you’re singing so they can connect with you.

By entering your lyrics on Spotify you make your words much more accessible to your fans!

So once your music is online, register with a catalog and upload your lyrics!

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