How To Promote Your Music Through Spotify Playlists

How To Create An Artist Profile On Spotify

Getting your music to Spotify through a digital distributor allows fans to listen and follow you on the world’s leading streaming platform.

However, despite more than 50 million subscribers worldwide, this is only half the work.

To advertise your music and make it more “visible” to fans (and potential new fans), you need to know how To Create An Artist Profile On Spotify and do it correctly.

Here are 6 steps to help you give your Spotify profile a boost.

  1. Request an artist profile on Spotify
    First, if you don’t have a personal account on Spotify yet, you need to create one. Only then you can request your artist profile.
  2. Profile photos and cover photos
    Remember that the visual effects must reflect your identity and, as well as the graphic material, the profile and cover photos are part of your artistic brand.
  3. Biography
    Now you have direct access to your biography. Feel free to share some anecdotes and links to your official website.
  4. The concerts
    Another great option that Spotify offers artists is to synchronize the shows with the artist profile. To do this, you need to have a Songkick profile showing tour dates on your artist page. Through the Spotify app your followers and regular listeners will also receive suggestions for nearby shows! If you do not have tour dates posted on Songkick, go to Tourbox to manage your shows.
  5. Merchandising
    Although Spotify is a digital platform, you can still take the opportunity to sell physical records or t-shirts in the merchandising section. You can sell your merchandise directly to fans through the Merchbar. After publishing the merchandise, the most important products will automatically appear on your Spotify artist page, so fans can browse and shop.
  6. Certification
    Finally the desired ‘blue mark’ is no longer so difficult to achieve! You only have to register in the ‘Spotify for Artists’ section. You are no longer required to have 250 followers or to complete the application.
  7. Links to your social media and image gallery.
    Good news! Now you can add links from your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to your profile!

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