DJs List

House & Techno DJS Contacts Database

A massive database (over 600+ entries) of underground techno and house DJs email contacts in an easy to navigate XLS sheet document.


Is this for me?

If you’re a DJ, producer or label owner you’ll definitely find a ton of value in this file.


Will I get updates when new contacts get added?

Whenever the list is updated you’ll be notified by email.


Can I get an invoice?

Absolutely! Just click the “Generate” button on your receipt from Gumroad after you purchase. You’ll be able to generate a detailed invoice with any additional information you need.


I’m getting an error when trying to pay with a card. What’s wrong?

Stripe, the payment processor, is blocking purchases from some countries. Please try either selecting PayPal as the payment option or use a VPN to pay with a card.

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