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Artist Takeoff

Independent Music Marketing Agency 

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The world’s largest curator platform.Plvylists is more than just… 

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The Artist Union

The Artist Union is a music platform built for artists and fans. 

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Tune Trax

Tunetrax is a digital music platform for independent artists to publish,… 

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Daily news and commentary on the music industry, technology and social media… 

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We have over 15 years worth of information, experience and data on the global… 

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Thousands of record labels and artists trust DropTrack to promote their music… 

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How To Self Release

Release your own music, build your fanbase or start your own record label… 

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Music Promotion Corp

We help music artists grow their fanbase and get thousands of new listeners. 

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Playlists from Spotify and more! 

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Daily Playlists

Connect your music with thousands of playlists. 

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Music Submit

Get your music reviewed in print and internet music publications. 

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MySphera’s the ultimate platform that matches between cutting edge artists… 

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Send, Share and Submit Music Demos Online. 

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Improve your music, inform your marketing, and understand your audience through… 

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Indie Shuffle

Indie Music Blog & News 

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We help you connect with: Bloggers, Labels, Spotify Playlisters, YouTubers,… 

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