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Loyalty Over Royalty Records

Loyalty Over Royalty Records

Loyalty Over Royalty is a record label with a focus on artist development.… 

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Planetary Group

The Planetary Group is a boutique music marketing company offering indie… 

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An agency comprised of music marketing experts with a creative flare, we work… 

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Quite Great

When choosing your PR and marketing team, it is vital to have a strong… 

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Persona is an award-winning agency known for creating novel marketing… 

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Frames Agency

FRAMES is a digital design, marketing and communication agency based in Milan,… 

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Do you run a music agency or are you a music promoter / manager? List your… 

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With teams in 40 countries, we create a tailored approach for every project —… 

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Fullscreen is a social content company that provides creative, strategy and… 

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