Music Marketing Stack is a curated directory of music industry resources, growth hacks and tools focused on self-publishing artists and bands, record label owners, managers and music professionals.

The original stack was ideated back in 2018 and hunted on Product Hunt, but got recently revamped, redesigned and updated with the latest tools and hacks.

The resources are divided according to these categories:

  • agencies
  • blogs / music submissions
  • books
  • crowdfunding
  • digital distribution
  • market research & analytics
  • email & newsletter
  • merchandising
  • photo & video
  • physical distribution
  • pr / publishing
  • social media tools
  • soundcloud marketing
  • spotify marketing
  • tour management
  • website builders

Anyone who wants to promote music in any form, will surely find inspiration from this list.

In addition, for those who want, it is available to purchase an Excel list containing more than 500 additional resources!

Moreover I wanted to create a database of Music Agencies, or agencies that work mainly in the music industry field so that budding musicians can find professionals who can help them express themselves at their best.

If you run an agency and want to get featured, submit it here.

Hope you’ll like it. And for any further info contact me at hello [at] musicmarketingstack.com

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A collection of 190+ music marketing resources for self publishing musicians and professionals